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Release 0.3 - Pull Requests Telescope & LifeStyle Ecommerce

In my previous post, I revealed the issues I will be attempting to resolve in order to contribute for an internal project and an external project. I also detailed the projects themselves, so if you haven't already read my previous post, I would advise starting there to give my current post some context.

I can successfully say I reached the goals I set for both the external and internal project in my previous post. Keep reading to find out how I did this, and the challenges I overcame.

Internal Pull Request Adding Pagination to CDOT Telescope
This issue was assigned to me by a colleague and was much trickier than I initially anticipated. The issue simply required to implement paginating functionality to the front end, so that the blog posts are displayed in pages instead of all  being displayed in one very long scrollable feed.
The first challenge came with the starting point. The home page was designed with a very specific bootstrap library (MD Bootsrap) that had some different con…

Lab 8 - Contribution Goals for CDOT Telescope & LifeStyle E-Commerce

After successfully completing Hacktoberfest, we move onto bigger and better challenges in open source. By November 15th I have the following goals to complete:

1. Contribute to a bigger issue on an open-source project (no more "good-first-issue" tags).
2. Contribute to CDOT Telescope, an internal project built by my fellow classmates.

In this post I will break down my issue and goal for each goal.

External Project- LifeStyle E-Commerce 
This is a project I found in hacktoberfest and fixed a styling alignment bug for. You can find the full details of my contribution in my previous post.  If you are already familiar wit the project, you can skip the overview section.

Lifestyle E-ommerce is a front-end project for building an online store. It supplies various well designed pages for front-end developers to customize and utilize as a starting point for their e-commerce projects, whether it be for themselves or their clients. I gravitated towards this project because I'…