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Release 0.4 - My External Pull Request to Uber

Continuing from my previous post, I will now be covering my external contribution for Release 0.4. This external pull request is my biggest and most challenging one to date. The challenge came from size of the project, as searching and navigating through it's code base felt like somewhat of a rats maze to find where the issue lies. I also had minimal experience in React (one small school project), so the unfamiliarity with the language and architecture presented some challenges as well.

The Project - Uber - Base Web

In short, Base Web is Uber's web based design system comprised of "modern, responsive, living components" implemented in ReactJS. This project contains a vast variety of functional web components that can be used by web developers the front-end of their web projects. As someone who has done freelance web development in the past, I've always appreciated the availability of open source libraries, especially the more complex one's such as this because…

Release 0.4 - My Internal Pull Request to Telescope

After a frantic 12 weeks, we have arrived at Release 0.4 - AKA the final release for the DPS909 Open-source course. Much like the previous release I covered, this release is comprised of two parts: an internal pull request to CDOT Telescope, and a more challenging external pull request to an open-source project.

To improve your reading experience, I've also split my blog up into two parts. This post will be covering my internal contribution to CDOT Telescope.

For a full description on what Telescope is, please refer to my previous post where I introduced it in detail, or the official overview.

The Issue - Search icon floating with window resize 

Another student had added a dynamically floating search bar to the front end, however it was not functioning correctly as it would sporadically float around as you scroll or resize the page.

 The initial hypothesis was that it was positioned relative to the view port cs it's container. However adjusting the property did not solve the is…